Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Delivery/Removal?
Delivery depends on where the inflatable is being set up. Local delivery and removal starts at $25 in Halifax/Dartmouth.

How Much Space Do I Need?
The inflatable you choose will need 2ft-3ft of clearance around the inflatable on all sides, with at least 5ft-10ft clearance at the entrance. The inflatable can be set up on grass, gravel or pavement as well as inside venues as long as inflatables are permitted and the space is large enough.

How Many Kids Can Be on The Inflatable At One Time?
Depending on which inflatable you choose, inflatables can accommodate 5-12 kids on it at one time. The maximum number of riders for each inflatable is outlined on our pricelist.

Does a Glow Attendant Stay For The Entire Rental Time?
For Birthday Parties Glow Staff Members/Attendants do not regularly stay on site for the duration of the party. We deliver the inflatable, set it up and review the safety instructions with the volunteer who will be supervising the inflatable during the party. We ensure the volunteer feels confident with their responsibility before we leave the site.
If the client wants a Glow attendant to stay on site, we can provide one for an additional charge of $59.

Does Glow Provide The Power?
Power for Birthday Parties is normally provided by the client. We require a 15 amp circuit within 75ft of where the bounce is being set up (some inflatables do require more than one circuit, this is outlined on our pricelist). If the client cannot provide an adequate power source, Glow can provide power for an additional charge of $39 per circuit required.

Do you offer Themed Packages?
Glow offers a wide variety of themes such as Princesses, Pirates, Superheroes, Sports, and several licensed products! Ask your Event Planner about theming options for Birthday Parties!

We do require a credit card to hold a Birthday Party booking, but we offer a range of payment methods.

What are your Cancellation Policies?
1. If a Cancellation occurs within two weeks of the event, client will owe 50% of the total balance due.
2. If a Cancellation occurs on the day of the event, the client will owe 100% of the balance due, unless due to weather.
3. Weather Cancellation – Glow Staff will call the morning of event if weather is questionable. If you cancel at that point due to weather there is NO charge. If you have to cancel once we arrive on site (without setting up), you will owe a portion of the balance due. If you decide to risk it and we fully set-up, then you will be charged 100% of the balance due.
*Exceptions do apply; please speak with your Event Planner if a cancellation must occur

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