Eh-Mazing Race

Eh-Mazing Race


Eh-Mazing Race ($3000-$6000+)

“Eh-Mazing Race” combines the hit reality show with a dash of Atlantic Canadian flavour! Teams face detours, road-blocks and fast forwards as they strive to arrive first at each pit-stop. Each team plays until the end, making it the perfect team-builder for your group or organization. This high-energy adventure incorporates awesome music, props, and a cast of truly goofy characters! The Eh-Mazing Race uses only the best Glow products and can be customized to suit your needs. So if you are interested in golfing in the Highlands of Cape Breton, roping cattle at Ross Farm or changing tires at Scotia Speedworld, this event is for you!

Why Do an Eh-mazing Race?

Hassle free for organizers!
Customizable to your group or organization
Accommodates groups of 25 to 1000+
Great for all ages and physical abilities
Great team builder
Can set up inside or outside
A proven fundraiser
Glow provides all products and administration needed


To book or for more info call 902-443-4569 or email

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